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Association of Surgical Technologists
Association of Surgical Technologists

We are so sorry to announce the 14th annual Student Scrub bowl was cancelled. 

At the scrub bowl, each team of three will be seated facing a large screen. Each team member will be designated "Yellow, Green or Blue". Each of you will have answer cards labled "A,B,C or D".  The game proctor will announce to which color the question is being read. After it is read, that team member will have 10 seconds to hold up their answer. You will be asked to hold up your answer as long as it takes to score the question. There will be 3 judges. Each team member can miss up to 3 questions. The last one standing will be announced the winner!!

Prizes include:  $100 cash and an engraved plaque for first prize.
                       $50 cash for second prize.
                       $25 cash for third prize. 

Also, the winner's name will be engraved on the traveling plaque and it will be housed at the winning school for next year.


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